Strathaven (Avondale) Covenanter Associations 


This page will list short notices of other Covenanters and locations associated with the parish of Avondale (Strathaven) in Lanarkshire.


Covenanters' Graves

The Cemetery is the burial place of three Covenanters, commemorated on two different stones. These are:

William Dingwall

John Barrie and William Paterson.


Battle of Drumclog Memorial


Battle of Drumclog (School) Memorial


Drumclog Memorial Church


Strathaven Castle


Strathaven (or Avondale) Castle was erected around 1458 by Andrew Stewart, 1st Lord Avondale. During the years of the Covenant, the castle was used as a prison for Covenanters,  and two Covenanters are said to have been shot here.


Trumpeter's Well

(NS 660416)

A well-head at Hillhead farm, Caldermill (west of Strathaven) marks the spot where a government soldier who fought at the Battle of Drumclog is thought to have been killed by the Covenanters and been dumped.


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