The tenacity and the sacrifices of the Covenanters ensured that we today enjoy civil and religious freedoms, and the Scottish Covenanter Memorials Association was established in 1966 with a view to preserving the many memorials which date from the “Killing Times” of 1638-88. The membership of the association totals approximately 400, and all members are volunteers. Many members visit and care for the memorials, carrying out simple cleaning and tidying operations. More difficult, technical work is carried out by professional sculptors, who are paid from our funds.


 Charitable status was granted to us in 1993. A colour newsletter, extending to twelve pages, is issued to members three times per year. Members pay a minimum nominal subscription, but many members donate more than the minimum amount, which ensures that we have sufficient funds to continue with our work.


If you wish to join, fill in an Enrolment Form. We look forward to hearing from you!


...for the Preservation of the Graves and Memorials of the Covenanters.

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Established 1966—Scottish Charity No. SC021022

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