Thomas MacHaffie


Thomas MacHaffie was son of the farmer at Largs, near the village. He had hid himself in a glen on the farm of Linfairn, but being seized with fever, and having taken refuge in a house near at hand, he was dragged out of his bed and shot on the road. It was 1686.

Thomas MacHaffie's Gravestones

Straiton Churchyard



NGR - NS 380049


The picture above shows the 1824 headstone, which stands next to the older stone, shown below.

The inscription on the old stone reads:


Here lies Thomas McHaffie, Martyr, 1686.
Though I was sick and like to die
Yet bloody Bruce did murder me,
Because I adhered in my station
To our Covenanted Reformation.
My blood for vengeance yet doth call
Upon Zion’s haters all.

Old stone to Thomas MacHaffie