Newmilns Covenanter Monument

Loudoun Parish Churchyard


NGR - NS 537373


The large obelisk is located in the north-west corner of the kirkyard, just off Newmilns Main Street.

Newmilns Covenanter Monument


The large monument commemorates all of the martyrs from Loudoun parish, in which Newmilns is located. There are ten names on it:


Matthew Paton (1666)

David Findlay (1666)

James Wood (1666)

James Morton (1666)

John Gebbie (1679)

Thomas Fleming (1679)

John Nisbet Jnr (1683)

James Nisbet (1684)

John Nisbet Snr (1685)

John Law (1685)


Most of the Covenanters named on the monument are commemorated by memorials elsewhere - click the name above to reach the relevant page.