Newmilns Tower before restoration

Newmins Tower

1 Castle Street



KA16 9DF

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The tower at Newmilns is privately owned and not open to the public. However, the exterior can be viewed from the adjoining road. On the exterior of the wall surrounding the tower is a memorial commemorating the Covenanter John Law. This reads:



Who was shot at Newmilns. At

The relieving of 8 of Christ's

Prisoners, Who were taken at A meetg

For Prayer at Little Blackwood, in the

Parish of Kilmk in April 1685, By Capt

INGLIS and his Party. For Their

Adherence to the Word of God

And Scotland's Covenanted Work

of Reformation,

------ - ------

Cause I Christ's Prisoners reliev'd

I of my life was soon bereaved

By cruel Enemies with rage

In that rencounter did engage.

The Martyr's honour & his crown

Bestow'd on me O high Renown

That I Should not only believe,

But For Christ's cause my life

should give.

------ - ------


IN 1822, 1930 AND 1996


The memorial was renewed in 1996 in association with the SCMA.

There is also a memorial to John Law in Newmilns Parish Churchyard.

Newmilns Tower


The tower at Newmilns was a propertyof the Campbells of Loudoun. It was taken over by the soldiers and used as a small garrison at the time of the Covenant.

A group of Covenanters were taking part in a prayer meeting at Little Blackwood, Kilmarnock parish, which was discovered by Captain Inglis and his soldiers. James White was shot, and John Law and seven other Covenanters were captured and brought to Newmilns Tower and held prisoner. His Covenanter associates were to attempt a release, but Law was killed in the process and was buried in the garden of the tower.

Newmilns Tower after restoration

Memorial to John Law prior to restoration

Memorial to John Law currently