John Law Memorial - Newmilns Tower

Loudoun Covenanter Associations


This page lists various associations the parish of Loudoun (which includes the villages of Darvel and Newmilns) has with the Covenanters.


Darvel Museum

In the museum John Morton's sword is on display. This was used at the Battle of Drumclog.


Loudoun Flag

At one time a flag associated with the Covenanters of the parish existed. The whereabouts of this is now unknown.


Loudoun Parish Church (Newmilns)

There are various memorials within the churchyard to different Covenanters:

John Law

Loudoun Parish Covenanter Monument


Loudounkirk Churchyard

Located north of Galston, this was the original parish church of Loudoun. Adjoining the church ruins is a memorial to Thomas Fleming, killed at the Battle of Drumclog.


Newmilns Tower

The tower was used as a garrison during the time of the Covenanters and was stormed by them John Law was killed in this incident, and a memorial on the wall surrounding the tower commemorates him.