Glencairn Covenanter Associations


This page lists various associations the parish of Glencairn has with the Covenanters. The parish includes the villages of Moniaive and Kirkland of Glencairn.


Rev James Renwick's Monument - Moniaive

Glencairn Martyrs

Ingliston Martyrs

William Smith's Stone

Preaching Stone

Caitloch House

Caitloch Cave

William Heron


George Hotel - Moniaive

There is a hiding place within the roof of the hotel, from where Covenanters were able to watch for dragoons.


Moniaive Market Cross

Erected in 1638, the market cross was where a young boy, the son of a Covenanting preacher, had to flee one night when the dragoons ransacked his home in 1666. The boy slept at the cross all night.