Caitloch House



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Caitloch House (private) is located about one mile from the village of Moniaive, by the side of the minor road up the valley of the Dalwhat Water.

Caitloch House


Caitloch House was the home of William Ferguson and his wife, Elizabeth Hunter, at the time of the Covenanters.When Rev John Blackader was outed from Troqueer he spent some time here. The Fergusons had to flee to Holland for safety. During their time in exile, the house was used by dragoons as a garrison, and some prisoners, including WIlliam Smith, were held prisoner here.

Near the hosue, by the side of the Dalwhat Water, is Caitloch Cave, used as a hideout by the Covenanters. Tradition claimes that there was at one time a tunnel from the cave to the house, used as a means of escape.