Rev William Veitch


Rev William Veitch was the minister of St Michael's Church in Dumfries. He was born in 1640. A supporter of the Covenants, he was banished and persecuted for some time. After the Glorious Revolution he was inducted as minister of Dumfries in 1694, and served until 1715. His wife died the day before he did, in 1722. A portrait of him is displayed in Dumfries Museum

Rev William Veitch's Gravestone

St Michael's Kirkyard

St Michael Street



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Although Veitch's gravestone was known to have existed on the wall of the church, it had no surviving inscription. After some deliberation, the following inscription was carved onto a new stone, hewn from Locharbriggs sandstone, and erected by the Scottish Covenanter Memorials Association in 2001 and unveiled on 23 September:

Here lies
William Veitch
Covenanter, persecuted and banished
Suffered but survived
Minister of this Parish 1694--1715
His praying, supportive wife, Marion
Who predeceased him by one day