William Milne's Gravestone

St Fittick's Churchyard



NGR - NJ 962049


Milne's gravestone is a flat slab with a simple armorial panel in the centre. It is located in the south-east corner of St Fittick's kirkyard. The inscription, which is quite worn, is in Latin. In Jervise's Epitaphs it has been translated as:


William Milne, tenant of Kincorth, slain by his enemies on the 10th July 1645 for the cause of Christ, here rests in peace from his labours, this man, whom piety, probity and God's Holy Covenant made happy, fell by the sword of a savage Irishman - I am turned to ashes.


William Milne


William Milne was a tenant farmer on the estate of Kincorth (NJ 935035). He was killed by an Irish soldier on 10 July 1645. His corpse was buried in the old kirkyard surrounding St Fittick's Church.