On 25 July 1681 Rev Donald Cargill preached at a conventicle on this site, which is often regarded as being the funeral service of Rev Richard Cameron, who had been killed in battle at Airds Moss. His text was 2 Samuel Chapter 3, verse 38.

Rev John Kidd also held a conventicle here prior to the Battle of Bothwell Bridge.

Starryshaw Monument




NGR - NS 897608


The original monument (shown above and below) was erected in 1925 by John Gilfillan of Shotts. Unfortunately it was destroyed by vandals who blew it up in 1958.

In 1988 a stone plaque in a stone wall was erected on the same site, but this, too, was destroyed in 2000 (See right).

A large whin boulder, with inscription on an attached stone plaque, was put in place by the SCMA. It was unveiled in July 2007.

Above - 1988 memorial and inscription

Below - Current memorial