Rev Samuel Rutherford's Gravestone

St Andrews Cathedral

St Andrews


NGR - NO 514166


Rev Samuel Rutherford's gravestone is an upright headstone, located to the south-west of St Rule's Tower.

A tall obelisk commemorates him at Anwoth, Kirkcudbrightshire.

Rev Samuel Rutherford's Gravestone


Rev Samuel Rutherford was the Professor of Theology and Principal of New College, St Andrews. Born at Nisbet, Roxburghshire, he became minister of Anwoth, Kirkcudbrightshire. He was placed under house arrest in St Andrews following the Restoration in 1660, and was set for trial in Edinburgh for treason, but he died on 29 March 1661 before this took place. Many of his publications were publicly burned, including at the gates of New College, St Andrews.