Rollo Standard




The Rollo Standard is in a private collection that is not readily accessible.

Photograph: Simon Warren

Rollo Standard


This flag, which may in fact have been a pinsel, was captured at the Battle of Bothwell Bridge in 1679 by Major Archibald Rollo, 3rd Lord Rollo (d. 1701), who fought for the royallists. During the battle, he was able to capture the bearer and the flag.

The flag measures two feet wide by 1 foot 10 inches in height. It is said that there are seven perforations on it, made by musket balls.

The banner has remained the property of the Rollo family ever since. For many years it was on display in Duncrub House, the seat of the Lords Rollo, but that house was demolished and it now hangs in the home of the present Lord Rollo, who lives near Dunning in Perthshire.

The flag bears the legend: