Queensferry and Dalmeny


Queensferry is a small town and Royal Burgh on the south side of the Firth of Forth, named after the ferry crossing from Lothian to Fife. It is now located within the boundaries of Edinburgh City Council.

Dalmeny is the name of the parish and a small village to the south-east of Queensferry.

Queensferry and Dalmeny Covenanter Associations


This page lists various associations the parish of Dalmeny, including Queensferry, has with the Covenanters.


Queensferry National Covenant

On display in Queensferry Museum.


Covenanter Lane

Site of capture of Henry Hall of Haughhead.


Queen Margaret's Palace

Building where Covenanters are known to have hidden.


Queensferry Paper or Covenant

A seditious document found on the person of Henry Hall of Haughhead, who was captured in the town in 1680. He and Rev Donald Cargill had been hiding in the old house in Covenanter Lane when they were attacked by soldiers from Blackness Castle.