Peden's Pulpit

Rubers Law



NGR - NT 580156


Peden's Stone is a large natural rock boulder located near to the summit of Rubers Law, the prominent hill south of Denholm in Roxburghshire. Next to it is Peden's Pulpit, from where he preached. Access to the summit, which is 1391 feet above sea level, can be made across various routes, perhaps one of the easiest being to follow the track from Whitriggs east to some woods on the western slopes, from which the summit is a steady climb.

Peden's Pulpit - Rubers Law


Rev Alexander Peden is thought to have preached at this site on a number of occasions. Old maps indicate the site as 'Peden's Stone', seen in the old image below, but it is more commonly referred to as Peden's Pulpit.