Peden's Cave

 This Peden's Cave is located on the left bank of the Lugar Water two miles north west of Ochiltyrtee. Rev Alexander Peden is traditionally said to have used the cave as a hideout. His brother was a tenant on Auchinleck estate on the other side of the river, hence Peden's wish to be in the area.

Peden's Cave



NGR: NS 488236


TPeden's Cave is located down a track and path to the east of Auchinbay farm. Access to the cave itself is difficult and should only be undertaken by those willing to risk it. A series of narrow sandstone steps lead into the cave, which is a wide-mouthed hole in a rock cliff. When Peden used the cave it may have had an additional stone wall closing off the frontage. At the back of the cave is a narrow ledge where Peden and others could sit.