Newton Mearns


Mearns is a parish to the south of Glasgow, within Renfrewshire, originally centred on the village of the same name, where the parish church remains, but now occupied by a large community known as Newton Mearns.

Mearns Covenanter Associations


This page lists various associations the parish of Mearns (which is now dominated by Newton Mearns) has with the Covenanters.


Rev William Thomson

Minister of Mearns Parish Church - outed in 1663 for non-conformity. This tok place in winter, and he suffered as a result.


John Shields of Titwood

Captured at the Battle of Rullion Green and executed at Edinburgh 7 December 1666. There are two Titwood farms - East Titwood is at NS 544541.


Mearns Castle

Used as a meeting place for Covenanters in 1672. However, by 1675 it had been taken over by the soldiers and used as a Garrison.



Home of a Covenanter family who were subject to the occupation of the Highland Host in 1678.


Covenanters from Parish:

George Cochrane in Airdenhead (prosecuted in absence for taking part in Argyll's Rising.

Johnn Fauls in Newton (imprisoned)

Peter Gemmel (shot 1684)

John Gilmore

James Hamilton of Langton (fined)

James Pollok of Balgray (fined)

Robert Pollok in Flinder

John Rankin in Tofts (imprisoned)

William Wilson