Low Parks Museum

126 Muir Street





The Low Parks Museum is located in the former Portland House and Riding Stables.


Tel: 01698 452382

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Hamilton Low Parks Museum


The museum in Hamilton contains a wide selection of artefacts associated with Hamilton and Lanarkshire. There is a large collection of artefacts associated with the Cameronian Regiment.

Thee are some items on display that have Covenanter sonnections, but there are also many other items, including flags, which are no on display. At present, the following items can be seen:


  1. Sword, reputedly carried at the Battle of Bothwell Bridge.
  2. A brass Communion Cup which separates into two halves.
  3. Musket Ball, said to have been found in 1911, embedded in an oka tree on the south bank of the River Cyde, near Bothwell Brisge.
  4. Flint-lock pistol of mid to late 1600s (Spanish), reputedly belonging to David Hackston of Rathillet (executed Edinburgh 30 July 1680)