John Howie of Lochgoin


John Howie (1735-1793) lived at Lochgoin farm, where his family had been tenants for centuries. His forebears were strong Covenanters, and their home was often searched by dragoons. John Howie wrote The Scots Worthies, a detailed history of many of the notable Covenanters and ministers of the period, published in 1775. Modern editions are still available.

John Howie's Monument




NGR: NS 530469


The large obelisk in memory of the author of The Scots Worthies stands on a low eminence to the north-west of Lochgoin farmhouse, on the moors between Fenwick and Eaglesham, almost on the Renfrewshire border.

Around the memorial are boulders inscribed with the names of some of the more prominent martyrs and other Covenanters.

Near to the monument is the Lochgoin Covenanter Museum.