Langholm Covenanter Associations


This page lists various associations the parish of Langholm has with the Covenanters. The parish includes the village of Eskdalemuir and was formerly called Staplegortoun.


Gravestone and Monuments

Eskdalemuir - Andrew Hyslop's Grave


Locations and Sites

Peden's View (NY 345863)

Name of small conical hill to west of Langholm, just off the B 709. Nearby is Peden's Well. On Timpen Knowe to the west (NY 336862) was a tree known as Cowie's Thorn, where Peden hid from Claverhouse's men and was saved by a mist following his praying to God for help.


Langholm Castle (NY 361849)

Sir John Graham of Claverhouse spent at least one night in castle, notably that following the shooting of Andrew Hyslop at Craighaugh. It is now a fragmentary ruin.


Westerhall House (NY 319892)

Home of Sir James Johnstone of Westerhall, persecutor of the Covenanters. He was resposible for death of Andrew Hyslop at Craighaugh.



Rev Robert Law, minister of parish, outed in 1662. Imprisoned in 1674 in Glasgow for preaching at Coventicles. In July 1674 he was charged with preaching in private houses and was obliged to pay a bond of 5,000 merks. He was able to return to the parish church in 1689 and died in 1702.