Harbour Craig




NGR - NT 177560


The Pulpit Rock, or Harbour Craig, is reached from a minor road east of Carlops that leads to Kitleyknowe. A half-mile walk over fields to the east of Kitleyknowe is needed to reach the spot. 

Harbour Craig - Pulpit Rock


The Harbour Craig is a prominent rock outcrop on the side of the Harlawmuir Burn, near to where the Back Burn joins it. The rock is hidden from most surrounding area, due to it being located within the glen, but from the confluence of the two streams it forms a most distinctive and prominent landmark.

Tradition claims that Covenanters held their open-air conventicles at this rock, hence its alternative name of Pulpit Rock. It is also said that some Covenanters sheltered here after the Battle of Rullion Green. The rock has a number of old graffito names carved into it, though none appear as old as the Covenanting period. 

In the late 1800s and early 1900s, conventicles were held at this spot each August to commemorate the Covenanters. In 1915 the collection of £3 10s 6d was given to the British Red Cross (it being war-time). At other times, the collections was given to thhe 'poor and infirm' of the district. Speakers included:

1895 - Rev J. MacLintock, West Linton

1898 - Sir John Cowan, Beeslack

1899 - Rev Duncan Sillars, Edinburgh

1901 - Rev J. E. Martin, Jamaica

1905 - Rev W Petrie MA, Loanhead

1922 - Rev Robert Gilmour, Musselburgh

1924 Rev John Swan MA, West Calder

1928 - Michael Peden, Edinburgh. 

Newspaper cutting of 1895 conventicle