Covenanters' Monument

Greyfriars Kirkyard


NGR - NT 256733


The Covenanters' Monument in Greyfriars kirkyard is located against the perimeter wall. It is a listed building and unfortunately no recutting or replacing of the stonework is allowed. The memorial replaces an earlier monument of 1706, which had a similar inscription.

The SCMA has paid for maintencance on the memorial to stabilise the fragments of stone, and a plaque has been erected alongside replicating the inscription. This took place in 2005, and the work was completed with the assistance of Greyfriars Kirkyard Trust.


Greyfriars Memorial


A memorial commemorates all of the Covenanters who suffered during the years of persecution.

The inscription on the main panel is as follows:


Halt, passenger, take heed what you do see

This tomb doth shew, for what some men did do

Here lies interr’d the dust of those who stood

‘Gainst perjury, resisting unto blood.

Adhering to the Covenant, and laws

Establishing the same, which was the cause

Then lives were sacrificed unto the lust

Of Prelatists abjured. Though here their dust

Lies mixt with murderers, and other crew

Whom justice justly did to death pursue.

But as for them, no cause was to be found

Worthy of death, but only they were found.

Constant   and   stedfast   zealous as

For the Prerogative of CHRIST their KING.

Which truths were sealed by famous Guthrie’s head

And all along to Mr Renwick’s blood

They did endure the wrath of enemies'

Reproaches, torments, deaths and injustice

But yet they‘re those who from such troubles came

And now triumph in glory with the LAMB.

From May 27th 1661, that the most noble Marquis of Argyle was beheaded, to the 17th of Febry 1688 that Mr James Renwick suffered, were one way or other Murdered and Destroyed for the same Cause, about

Eighteen thousand of whom were execute in Edinburgh about a  Hundred of Noblemen, Gentlemen, Minister, and Others noble

Martyrs for JESUS CHRIST. The most of them lie here.


For a particular account of the cause and manner of their Sufferings we

The Cloud of Witnesses, Crookshanks and Defoe’s Histories.