Covenanters' Cave

Garrel Glen



NGR - NS 716789


The cave is located in the Garrel Glen, near Kilsyth.

Covenanters' Cave


According to the New Statistical Account, written in 1845: 'on the east side of the Garrel Glen there is the Covenanters' Cave, having the date '1669' inscribed on the stone or arch over it.' The Ordnance Survey visited in 1899, and noted that: 'The Covenanter's Cave is considerably destroyed by quarrying. Also known as 'The Chapel' as the Covenanters are supposed to have used it as a place of worship as well as concealment.' The cave is still accessible from a footpath in the glen. However, the cave is no longer really a cave. On the rock wall, the date 1669 has been recut in large letters in more recent years.