St Giles' High Kirk


The High Kirk of St Giles in Edinburgh has many associations with the Covenanters. Some of these are listed here:


Marquis of Argyll's Memorial

Jenny Geddes' Memorial

Haddo's Hole - Covenanter prison

Viscount Stair's Memorial

Marquis of Montrose's Memorial


It was in St Giles on 23 July 1637 that Jenny Geddes stood up in front of the dean, Rev James Hannay, when he started to read from Laud's Liturgy that started the period of Covenanter oppression.


There is a copy of the National Covenant in the church.


St Giles' High Church

Royal Mile


NGR - NT 257736


Often referred to as St Giles' Cathedral, this is the principal church in Edinburgh.

The church is regularly open to the public. For more information, visit the church website.