Edinburgh Castle


Edinburgh Castle is an ancient fortress perched on a volcanic plug in the centre of the capital city. During the time of the Covenanters it was used as a base for the soldiers, as well as a prison.

The Argyll Tower was used as a state prison for some of the more important Covenanters. These include:


  • Marquis of Argyll
  • 9th Earl of Argyll
  • Sir John Dalrymple of Stair
  • William Gordon of Earlstoun
  • Robert Ker of Kersland
  • William Lawrie of Auchenheath
  • Rev Thomas Ramsay
  • Rev Robert Trail of Greyfriars Church, Edinburgh

Edinburgh Castle




NGR - NT 251735


The castle is located in the centre of Edinburgh, at the top end of the 'Royal Mile'. The castle is regularly open to the public. It is cared for by Historic Scotland. An admission charge is payable to enter.

For more details, visit the castle website.