Earnock Memorial

Lady Watson Gardens



NGR - NS 700545


A new boulder with plaque was erected by the SCMA.

The original stone read:

indicated by the three pine Trees
lie two brothers
of the name of SMITH, belonging to
and a man whose name has not
been handed down,
they had fought in the ranks of the
covenanting Army at Bothwell Brigg
Sunday 22nd June 1679
and in the retreat
had reached the upper part of this garden
close to the burn
when they were overtaken by the
Royalist Soldiers and
killed upon this spot.


On 25 September 2005 the SCMA planted a third tree on the site, and it was dedicated by Rev J Loudon Melrose.

A new memorial plaque was erected 2006, copying most of the original inscription.


In 2017 a new tree was planted on the site.


Memorial in 1957 (Ian MacDougall)

Inscription in 1957 (Ian MacDougall)

Memorial in winter (Ian MacDougall)

Earnock House in 1957 (Ian MacDougall)

Earnock Memorial


The low mound adjoining the memorial marks the graves of three Covenanters who died here after the Battle of Bothwell Bridge.

The site of three Covenanters' graves at Earnock,  just off Lady Watson Gardens (near Woodfoot Road, Hamilton), is marked by a mound, and for many years was marked by three Scots Pine trees. One of these was blown over in a storm in 1900. Wood from this tree was later made into a gun cabinet, which is still preserved at Ross House, near Hamilton, by the long-time owners of the estate. Later trees were planted on the site.
The grave was for many years marked by a stone memorial, built into the wall of the Earnock estate policies, but following considerable vandalism it was decided to have it removed to a spot adjacent to the 'Heads' memorial in Hamilton Old Parish Churchyard. This took place in 1995. At the same time an informatory plaque was added, located between the two stones.

Current memorial

Possibly more Covenanters?


An article in the Hamilton Advertiser of 18 July 1874, written by an 'AH' of Quarter, notes that in the grounds of Earnock House there 'is pointed out the grave of six or seven fugitive Covenanters from the Battle of Bothwell Brig, who were overtaken and shot here by the royal troopers.' It is not known what the source of this claim is, but it predates the erection of the memorial, which just claims three Covenanters being interred there. The article also makes reference to just two Scots Pines, as opposed to three, the exisitng ones probably having been replanted at a later date.

Original Memorial when it stood at Earnock

The three pines trees as they once were

The three pine trees from the burn, as in 1957 (Ian MacDougall)