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Dalry is a small town in the northern part of Ayrshire, north of Irvine.


Dalry Covenanter Associations


This page lists various associations the parish of Dalry in Ayrshire has with the Covenanters. (Not to be confused with St John's Town of Dalry in Kirkcudbrightshire).


Deerness Martyrs

Two residents of Dalry parish were to be drown in the wreck of the Crown of London at Mull Head of Deerness in Orkney, 1679:

David MacCubbin

WIlliam MacCulloch


Cleeves Cove

This is a cave system in limestone rock which has been used for a variety of purposes over the centuries. During the time of the Covenanters it was often used as a hideout. NGR - NS 317474


Peden's Point

A rocky groge with a waterfall on the Caaf Water, south west of the town. Rev Alexander Peden is known to have held conventicles here. NGR - NS 281481