Dalmore Conventicle Monument



Ross & Cromarty

NGR - 664688


This granite memorial is located on the side of the road from Alness towards Dalmore Distillery (B817). The inscription reads:


This stone marks the only place in Ross-shire in which the sacrament of the Lord’s supper is known to have been dispensed to the covenanters during the days of persecution, respecting the command of their divine redeemer more than they feared the fury of the oppressor. They met here on a sabbath in September 1675. Soldiers were sent to apprehend them but they did not arrive until the communion service was over and the congregation had dispersed. The Rev J McKillican of Alness was the officiating minister on that interesting occasion assisted by Mr Anderson of Cromarty and Mr Fraser of Daviot.

This stone was designed as a token of respect for the memory of men who loved their saviour better than their lives as a testimony against the unscriptural system, the baseless pretensions and the persecuting spirit of Scottish prelacy and as a stimulus and encouragement to all who would fain be followers of that which is good.

Dalmore Conventicle Monument


The only conventicle at which the sacrament of communion was dispensed during the Covenanting period took place at this site.

Several ministers were faithful to their master Jesus Christ during the troubled times and driven from their parishes, including Thomas Ross, Kincardine (Ardgay), John Mackillican, Alness, Thomas Hog, Kiltearn (Evanton), James Fraser, Resolis (Black Isle). Angus McBean Inverness.

All suffered many privations including for some spells of imprisonment on the Bass Rock. Those who survived did not  last long thereafter.

At the Obsdale, Dalmore near Alness communion, Wodrow states that it was an occasion of great spiritual blessing. Following the last sermon on 1 Chronicles 29 v18 there was an effusion of the Spirit  upon a great many present. “The people seemed to be in a transport their souls filled with heaven and breathing thither while their bodies were on the earth”.