Semple and MacClorgan's Grave


John Semple lived at Eldington, a cottage on the slopes of Hadyard Hill. He was married

with four children. He had never taken an active part in the fighting, but it was known that he had given shelter to fugitives. One night a party of soldiers raided his house. Perhaps they hoped to find one of the ‘hill folk’, perhaps they wanted to teach Semple a lesson. He did not stay to ask. As they forced their way in through the door, he made for the window to escape. They shot him dead.

Little is known of McClorgan. Who he was and who shot him remains uncertain.

Semple and MacClorgan's Gravestone

Old Dailly Churchyard

Old Dailly



NGR - NX 225992


The gravestone to Semple and MacClorgan is located in the kirkyard to the south west of the old church ruin. It is surrounded by railings.

The inscription reads:



The corpse of JOHN

SEMPLE who was

shot by Kilkerran

at command of

Cornet James Douglas.

Also here lies


who was shot

uncertain by whom

for their adherence

to the Word of God

and the covenanted

work of reformation