Matthew MacIlwraith


Matthew MacIlwraith was shot near to Colmonell by the soldiers under John Graham of Claverhouse.

Matthew MacIlwrath's Gravestone

Colmonell Kirkyard



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The headstone to Matthew MacIlwraith is located on the south side of the parish church at Colmonell. One side of the stone has a moe modern inscription, commemorating a later family.

The inscription reads:

I Matthew McIlwraith in Parish of Colmonell,

By bloody Claverhoufe I fell;

Who did Command that I fhould die,

For owning Covenanted prefbytry;

My Blood a Witness ftill doth ftand,

'Gainft all defections in this Land.

Cloud of Witnesses


These are they which came

out of great tribulation

and have washed their robes

and made them white

in the blood of the