Carsphairn Covenanter Associations


This page lists various associations the parish of Carsphairn has with the Covenanters.



Roger Dun's Gravestone

Gravestone to Covenanter

Dempster's Stone

Marks where John Dempster was shot by Grierson of Lag's dragoons.

Brockloch MacMillan's Grave

Covenanter who survived - buried in Carspahin kirkyard.

James and Gilbert MacAdam's Memorial

Burial ground of MacAdam of Waterhead family, which mentions James and Gilbert, Covenanters.



Garryhorn Farm

Used by Robert Grierson of Lag as a base whilst hunting for Covenanters

Rev Peter Pearson (Curate)

Shot by the Covenanters under Black James MacMichael on 11 December 1684.


Tradition says that there was a cave hereabouts used by the Covenanters as a hideout.