The original gravestone to Rev Peter Kid

Peter Kid's Gravestone

Carluke Old Churchyard



NGR - NS 848505


Rev Peter Kid's grave was originally marked by a tablestone bearing a long epitaph, listed below. Unfortunately, this was destroyed by vandals. The SCMA erected a new headstone, copying the original inscription at the grave in 2003. Again, this too, was vandalised in 2014. In 2015 the SCMA, in association with South Lanarkshire Council, erected a new memorial to Kid. Unfortunately, there was not enough room for the full, original inscription, which is replicated here:


A faithful holy pastor here lies hid,
One of a thousand, Mr Peter Kid.
Firm as a stone, but of a heart contrite,
A wrestling, weeping, praying Israelite.
A powerful preacher, free from ostentation,
A son of thunder and of consolation.
His face, his speech and humble walk might tell
That he was in the Mount and Peniel.
He was in Patmos and did far surpass
In fixed steadfastness the Rocky Bass.
His love to Christ made his love to be spent
In feeding flocks and kids beside his tent.
His frail flesh could not equal paces keep
With his most willing spirit, but fell asleep.
His soul's in Heaven where it was oft before,
His flesh rests here in hopes of future glore.
Passengers, ere thou go, sigh weep and pray,
Help Lord, because the godly do decay.

Rev Peter Kid


Peter Kid was a native of Fife. He was educated at St Andrews University and graduated Master of Arts in 1650. On obtaining his license to preach, he was forcibly inducted into the pastoral charge of Douglas, Lanarkshire, in 1654. Kid was deprived in 1662, but he accepted the Indulgence, and was allowed to become minister at Carluke in 1672. In 1673 he failed to observe the anniversary of the Restoration of Charles II and as a result was fined half his stipend by the Privy Council. In 1677 he again refused to read out a royal proclamation that gave thanks for the king's deliverance from the Rye House plot, and so his indulgence was withdrawn. In May 1685 he was imprisoned on the Bass Rock but was released on 21 September 1686, only because of his advanced age and failing health. He then lived at Waygateshaw, near Carluke. On his death in 1694 he was buried in Carluke parish churchyard, where a table-stone marked his grave.

Peter Kid was married to Susannah (who died in March 1697), daughter of Sir John Cheisley of Kersewell. They had four children--John, Elizabeth, Anna and Grizell.

The Kid Stone of 2003