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In 2005 a plaque was erected in Brechin Cathedral to Guthrie by the Scottish Covenanter Memorials Association.

Rev William Guthrie


Rev William Guthrie (1620-1665) was born the second son of the laird of Pitforthly in Angus. Like many second sons he was trained in the ministry and was ordained to Fenwick in 1644. He had three brothers who also went into the ministry, Rev John Guthrie serving at Tarbolton until the Restoration of 1662, when he was removed from his charge. Rev James Guthrie was minister at Stirling but was martyred on 1 June 1661.
  Guthrie was tutor to Lord Mauchline, heir of the Earl of Loudon, and thus he became acquaint with Ayrshire. Whilst preaching at Galston he was heard by some folk from Fenwick, which parish had only been separated from Kilmarnock in 1643. He took part in deciding where the new church (which survives) should be erected in the parish, and preached a sermon within the unfinished walls. He was ordained to the parish on 7 November 1644. At first he struggled to attract a congregation, but as his fame as a devout preacher spread soon folk were travelling many miles to hear him. The soldiers disliked Guthrie's popularity, and he was forced from his church by twelve soldiers under the command of the new curate in 1664. Guthrie remained at Fenwick until 1665, returning to Angus on the death of his brother. However, he suffered from some form of illness and died around ten days later at his brother-in-law's house in Brechin, 10 October 1665 aged 45. He was interred in Brechin cathedral.