Bible Stone

Garpel Water



NGR - NS 710231


The Bible Stone is located off the 'Old Sanquhar Road', a rough track, to the south of Muirkirk. It is difficult to locate without a map (it is not shown on OS maps), or local guidance. The stone is 1,134 feet above sea level. On the track, after passing a memorial bench one mile south of the Sanquhar Bridge, a small cairn indicates where a faint path leads to the stone, located near to a tributary of the infant Garpel Water. A walk of two hours is required to reach it and get back to Kames.

Bible Stone


The Bible Stone is a strange natural rock outcrop located on remote moorland to the south of Muirkirk in Ayrshire.

Tradition claims that the Covenanters held conventicles at this spot. The minister would preach from the projecting rock outcrop to the congregation arranged below.

On the side of the rock is a square man-made depression where it is said that the Covenanters hid a Bible to prevent them having to take it to the site each time and thus risk being shot on sight for having it with them. Originally a cover would have hidden the Bible.

Images - Kevan Aitken