John Campbell's Grave


John Campbell was captured by the authorities and banished to America in 1683. He was able to return in 1685 and lived out his life here, dying in August 1721, aged 72 years.

John Campbell's Gravestone

Barr Churchyard



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John Campbell's gravestone is gound in the old churchyard in the centreof the village of Barr. The inscription reads:

HERE LIES                                                                        THE CORPS OF JOHN

                                                                  CAMPBELL  WHO  UAS  BAN-

                                                    ISHED   FROM     WALUOOD   TO

                                                                AMERICA  FOR  CHRISTS  CAUSE

                                                                83 BUT BY PROVIDENCE HE RETU

                                                                RND IN 85  & DYED  AUGUST  1721

                                                                AGED 72.   BE FAITHFULL UNTO

                                                                DEATH & THOU SHALT HAVE A

                                                                CROWN OF LIFE / ALSO MARY &

                                                                JAMES CAMPBELL'S CHILDREN