Eight Covenanters were hiding on the moor of Auchencloy, which is very remote, when they were come upon by Graham of Claverhouse. Four were shot on site. Two others managed to escape, but two were captured and taken to Kirkcudbright for trial. It was 18 December 1684. The Covenanters killed at Auchencloy were Robert Fergusson, John Grierson, James MacMichael and Robert Stewart.

As it was not known where Fergusson belonged, he was buried on site, and a small headstone commemorates him. The other three were buried in Dalry, where a stone commemorates Stewart and Grierson.

Auchencloy Martyrs' Monument

Cairn Edward Forest



NGR - NX 603709


This monumentis very remote and difficult to reach. It was erected in 1834-5.