The original stone at Airds Moss

Airds Moss - New Stone


The original gravestone at Airds Moss being worn and beyond reasonable repair, it was decided to renew both it and the original railings. The old railings were taken down on 8 October 2005, and the new railings erected on 15 October 2005. The new railings were made by Scott Love, of Cumnock, and incorporate steel swords and the date 1680. They were erected by Dane Love, Scott Love, Dane T Love, Derrick Phillips, Alex McPhee and Gordon Sloan.

On 21/22/23 October Christopher Donaldson and Dane Love laid the granite setts and the concrete base ready for the new gravestone.

The new gravestone was cut by Kevin Roberts (of Kevin Roberts Memorials of Patna, Ayrshire). The stone was put in place on 25 March 2006 by Dane Love, Dane T. Love, Scott Love and Gordon Sloan.

The Unveiling Ceremony took place on Sunday 25 June 2006. The service was conducted by Rev John Paterson of Old Cumnock Old Church and the stone was unveiled by George Scott and Betty Roy.

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The new stone at Airds Moss